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To all of our generous sponsors we honor you with heartfelt gratitude. Your generous donations will be used to support, rescue and honor our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world.



Recently in Israel some 1,500 lone young olim,(new immigrants) all in programs of the Jewish Agency came together for a day of collective unity.  They learned about *Aliyah of the past, celebrated their present Aliyah and expressed faith in their future in Israel. These young adults came from all over the world alone without parents or support to fulfill their dreams of living in the land of their ancient forefathers. New lone immigrants enter programs that Deborah The Brave Ministries supports in partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel to learn Hebrew, receive vocational training, and everything they will need to *(absorb) into Israeli society and flourish as new residents. *Aliyah: (Immigration to Israel, going up to God.) *Absorption programs: (New immigrants come to an absorption center before entering Israeli society.)


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