Make A Donation - Building A Bridge To Jerusalem


Building a Bridge with your donations


Be a part of something big. Our goal is to facilitate in returning the Jewish people to their homeland of Israel.


Your donation will support them in tipping the scales in their favor, for survival and financial requirements that hinder their return.


These are the Zolodayev sisters, just one of the amazing stories of how all of us can be a part of the Bridge, locking arms and joining hearts to restore and reunite families by bringing them to Israel. The sisters were reunited in Sept of 2014 through the Rescue Aliyah program of The Jewish Agency.


Aleksandrina (above), is excited to be reunited with her family. “It’s a dream for a person from Lugansk to come to this place, to Israel. And not everyone is blessed with this opportunity. Only those who have the right to make Aliyah,” says Oksana. She smiles, “This is our home, our one and only home.”


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